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Farm Work Play

Monkshill Farm
Monkshill Road
ME13 9EH

01227 752 777
[email protected]

Farm, Work Play is located on a hilltop between the towns of Whitstable and Faversham. As a working farm and cafe, the site was a well-loved landmark for young families in East Kent and we’re incredibly excited to have brought it back to life. Nestled in the Kent countryside but with views of the coast, it’s a pretty special spot.


We’ve given a lot of thought to balancing family life while pursuing our ambitions. The eternal work-life balance questions – what’s best for our kids? For us? For our family? Digging deeper we discovered a significant cry of desperation for a space where people can focus on their work, guilt-free with confidence in their chosen childcare.

In our search for the dream location, we remembered Monkshill – a place dear to our hearts, somewhere we’d spent so much time with our daughters and our friends. We were heartbroken when it closed, it was a great hub of the community; Jo even ran a kids’ crafting session here with local blogger & stylist Hannah Bullivant of Seeds & Stitches.

On arriving here for the first time since its closure we fell in love all over again and met the new owner, a farmer with entrepreneurial spirit who loved our idea. This was the dream scenario. An idyllic rural spot with the scope to create the perfect co-working environment and the outdoor space so that our kids might get ruddy-cheeked in the wilderness.

So here it is.

Use the nursery.  Use the workspace.  Use one.  Use both.  No pressure.  We hope you like it.

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