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Farm Work + Play

Monkshill Farm
Monkshill Road
ME13 9EH

01227 752 777


Please stick to your membership plan – if it’s not working for you in any way, talk to us. Additional hours may be purchased at a rate of £5 per hour. You will incur a fee for any additional fees not pre-arranged (this will be at an enhanced rate of £8 per hour).

Opening hours

The Workspace is open 7am-7pm Monday to Friday. For annual, 100 and 150 members the workspace is also open Saturday 9.30am-4:30am. Event room hire is available 7pm-10pm Monday – Friday, Sat 5pm-10pm. Event room space must be booked in prior arrangement with management.


All members have the right to a quiet and respectful working environment. Behavior that breaches this will not be condoned. Leave your workspace as you would like to find it. Clean and tidy.
This is an open workspace anything said should be expected to be heard by others.

Play Nice

Play nice – the Internet isn’t for illegal activities on our watch. Fair use printing policy – don’t take the mickey. Bikes and pets are lovely but cannot be brought into the building. We have bike racks outside.


We are unable provide reductions or refunds for absence, unless the workspace has not been open for any reason.

Payment of fees

Fees are payable per calendar month, invoice precedes monthly use. All fees are to be paid in full by the 5th of every month. Fees received after the 5th of the month may be subject to a late charge. If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, please notify us to discuss a plan for payments to be made. If fees remain outstanding for more than two weeks, Work Play Ltd. reserve the right to serve 7 days’ notice to terminate the contract.

Prices and Hours are subject to change with 28 days’ notice to members.


Farm Work Play is open all year round except one week at Christmas and bank holidays. Memberships will be adjusted for the Christmas period.


We operate a strict no smoking policy. Please do not smoke around the entrance to the Workspace or parking areas on the farm. Parents and children using the nursery will be in the same areas.


If you are using our Farm Work facility, please use one of the allocated spaces in the main car park or our company car park at the rear of the nursery accessed via School Walk.

Anyone using the parking area does so at their own risk, we cannot accept liability for damage, injury or loss to vehicles, visitors or possessions.  There are peacocks on site, they’re wild – we are not responsible for them.

Data Protection

All information is held according to the Data Protection Act. If you do not agree to records being held this way they must inform the directors of Work Play Ltd.


All members are responsible for their belongings and actions. Should any action or inaction cause damage or cost to Work Play Limited then that cost will be passed on to the member.

We have public liability insurance just ask if you would like to see a copy, but that does not extend to your belongings. To protect your belongings we suggest you arrange your own cover.

Termination of agreement

If you wish to terminate /reduce sessions we would require 4 weeks written notice from either parent/carer. Your deposit will be returned on leaving the nursery providing the nursery has been given the required notice. The nursery reserves the right to retain the deposit and to charge for the full months fees if the required notice is not received.

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