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Farm Work Play

Monkshill Farm
Monkshill Road
ME13 9EH

01227 752 777
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Creative kids + productive parents.

Happy children = happy parents. Days filled with adventure and exploration outside and in.

Free range kids

  • Digging, splashing, climbing, swinging, denning, mud kitchening: loving life as a little ‘un.
  • Stories in the shade of the oak tree. Outdoor learning promoting enquiry, experiment, feedback and reflection.
  • Al fresco dining and veg patches: kids learning and growing through curiosity in their environment.
  • Bring the outside in. Indoor play inspired by nature, the seasons and the natural materials found in the wild.

Find out more, come have a look or get signed up.

Space to grow

  • Each child has dedicated care and attention with manageable class numbers.
  • Big, bright rooms set up for learning through engagement and imagination
  • Free flow preschool with the freedom to move between dedicated early years learning zones.
  • Expand imaginations with a variety of toys, books and role-play areas.
  • Tasty and nutritious food prepared with care and with little tums in mind.

Join in on some good wholesome fun.

From tiny acorns: responsive baby care

  • Leaving your baby can be tough (trust us, we know), so we go to every length to care for your baby as we would our own.
  • Naptime is peaceful, gentle and respectful.
  • We’re guided by you and how you care for your baby.
  • Playrooms are thoughtfully planned out with age-appropriate toys and equipment to provide the right level of stimulation for your little one.
  • Plenty of opportunity for sensory play.

Feel safe in our hands.

The Farm approach

  • Learning through play’s our thing – nurturing natural curiosity at an individual pace
  • Physical health, wellbeing and movement’s easy when you’re based in a rural idyll
  • In line with the government curriculum for early years learning, we use 7 areas to plan your littlie’s learning and activities. We focus on the 3 prime areas first (the ones most essential for your child’s healthy development and future learning):
    • Communication and language
    • Physical development
    • Personal, social and emotional development
  • As your child grows, we develop skills in the next 4 areas:
    • Literacy
    • Mathematics
    • Understanding the world
    • Expressive arts and design

Time to go on an adventure in learning.

Our team

  • We respect our staff. They’re doing the most important job and we treat them accordingly.
  • Your children’s keyworker understands your child’s individual emotional, physical and developmental needs.
  • Communication with your child’s keyworker is always two-way and open.
  • You know your child best. We defer to you as primary caregivers to guide us in our approach to your child.
  • Our team is trained in accordance with govt. guidelines and has proven experience and love for childcare.

Give your child a home-from-home nursery experience.

Stress-free mornings

  • Flexible pick up/drop off times
  • Early drop-off so you can catch your train
  • There’s no rush, we’re open later
  • We work drop off at your child’s pace and are led by your parental instinct, take as long as you need.

Make it easy on yourself.

Flex Appeal

  • Limited day spaces available for when you need an extra hand.
  • If your child has been settled at the farm within the previous 8 weeks we can accommodate you at a moment’s notice, on an ad hoc basis.

Give yourself a break.

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