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    Farm Work Play

    Monkshill Farm
    Monkshill Road
    ME13 9EH

    01227 752 777
    [email protected]

    Town Work Play

    The Abbey School
    London Road
    ME13 8RZ

    01795 716056
    [email protected]


    There is a £80 registration fee to be paid with the completed registration form. The registration fee is non-refundable.

    Bank details

    Sort code: 30-64-57

    Account number: 70861168


    Please inform us of absence as soon as you know that your child will not be attending their booked sessions. If you need to change your child’s arrival or collection time please inform us by 9am. Please note that we will always try to accommodate your request, we do adhere to staffing ratios and it may not always be possible to change agreed times.

    Please collect your child promptly, the nursery reserves the right to charge a late fee of £10 per 10 minutes.

    We are unable provide reductions or refunds for absence, unless the nursery has not been open for any reason.

    Drop off/collection

    Children must be accompanied into the Farm Play building by an adult and settled into their room, we will work with you to make sure you are happy with this process and will take things at your child’s pace.

    Your child must be collected by a nominated adult that is known to the nursery team, in the instance that you are unable to collect and need another adult to pick up your child at the end of their session, you must notify the team prior to collection, we operate a password policy, as part of your registration you will set up a password that should be kept confidential. The adult collecting your child will be asked to produce photo identification

    The nursery will not allow a child to leave the nursery unless we are totally satisfied that that the person collecting your child is allowed to do so, in the event we are not satisfied you may incur a late fee.

    Absence due to sickness

    If your child is absent due to sickness, please note that the following exclusion periods must be followed, your child may not attend Farm Play for at least:

    • 48 hours after the last occasion of vomiting or diarrhoea
    • 48 hours after immunisations
    • 24 hours after having a temperature or above 38 degrees

    Germs can be spread quickly and it is important that we work together to keep all of our children and team healthy.

    Payment of fees

    Fees are payable calendar monthly, invoice for exact number of sessions in that month. All fees are to be paid in full by the 5th of every month. Fees received after the 5th of the month may be subject to a late charge. If a parent/guardian has financial difficulties, then please notify the manager to discuss individual payment arrangements can be paid.

    Fees will not be increased more than once per annum, the parent/carer will receive 28 days’ notice in writing of the increase.

    If fees remain outstanding for more than two weeks, the nursery reserves the right to serve 7 days’ notice to terminate the contract.


    Farm Play is open all year round except one week at Christmas and bank holidays. Sessions during these periods are not charged. All children (except term time only children) will receive 2 weeks’ unpaid holiday, providing the nursery receives thirty days’ notice in writing, these can be taken as individual days.


    We operate a strict no smoking policy. Please do not smoke around the nursery area or parking areas on the farm.

    Mobile Phone

    We operate a strict policy that prohibits the use of mobile phones around the nursery area.


    Parents and Carers are permitted to use the main parking area during drop off/collect times.

    If you are using our Farm Work facility, please use one of the allocated spaces in the main car park or our company car park at the rear of the nursery.

    Anyone using the parking area does so at their own risk, we cannot accept liability for damage, injury or loss to vehicles, visitors or possessions.

    Data protection

    Records including photo’s may be held on computer, all information is held according to the Data Protection Act. If parents do not agree to records being held this way they must inform the nursery manager.

    The nursery policies and procedures are held in the office and the reception area.

    We have public liability insurance.


    Following the child protection guidelines for the safety of all children we would ask you to provide us with the details of who has legal access to your child. By legal access we mean the main carer for any children whose families may be in dispute over the child’s care and have one or more relative not permitted to see that child according to a court of law. We would also ask that any foster families inform us of any looked after children and who that child’s legal guardian is.

    In any case that a family member is not allowed contact with their child we would ask to see the legal paperwork that state this. Please speak to the manager with regards to this.

    Termination of agreement

    Non funded families:

    If you wish to terminate/reduce sessions, we require 31 days written notice from either parent/carer. The nursery reserves the right to charge for the full months fees if the required notice is not received.


    Funded families:

    Flexi funded families – If you wish to terminate/reduce session’s we require a full school term written notice. The nursery reserves the right to charge for the full months fees if the required notice is not received.

    Fully funded families –  If you wish to terminate/reduce session’s we require a full school term written notice. The nursery does not charge additional fees if the required notice is not received.


    We prioritise the safety, well-being, and inclusive environment of our nursery for all children, families, and staff. Accordingly, we reserve the right to terminate a child’s enrolment under various circumstances, for example: if a child/parent or carer exhibits violent behaviour that poses a risk to others; if there is non-payment of fees as per the agreed terms; or if any discriminatory behaviour is observed. Such actions are taken with careful consideration and are deemed necessary to uphold the integrity and safety of our educational environment.

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