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    Farm Work Play

    Monkshill Farm
    Monkshill Road
    ME13 9EH

    01227 752 777
    [email protected]

    Town Work Play

    The Abbey School
    London Road
    ME13 8RZ

    01795 716056
    [email protected]

    We believe in engaging children through their own interests; promoting independence, an encouraging freedom to play and learn.

    Town Work Play is situated in the historic market town of Faversham, within the secure site of The Abbey School.

    We’re a full-day care, year-round, all-weather nursery.

    Sister nursery to Farm Work Play, our aim is to give children a chance to take part in liberating experiences that are harder to come by in modern classrooms. We’re all about spontaneous, unstructured, and risky play. Space to move and explore is important to us, and so is fresh air, free play, and exposure to the natural world.

    We give children the opportunity to grow up with a sense of freedom; cultivating their independence and confidence, whilst establishing a deep connection to their natural surroundings.

    Come rain or shine, we nurture the curiosity and wonder that children naturally possess, at a pace that’s as individual as they are.

    Your children feel supported, loved, and protected in our home-from-home atmosphere.

    So here we are, a town nursery with a rural feel, where free-range kids can learn and play together.

    We hope you’ll join our growing Town community.

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